Submit an Article

Step 1: Follow the Contributor Guidelines

  • Access the Guidelines: Go to the Lawpret website and review the contributor guidelines for detailed instructions on submissions. Only unpublished, original, human written content is welcomed.
  • Understand the Requirements: Read the contributor guidelines carefully to grasp the necessary formatting, style, and content requirements for your article.
  • Prepare Your Article: Write your article, making sure it follows the structure, citation format, and themes outlined in the contributor guidelines.

Step 2: Get Your Article Reviewed by Lawpret AI

  • Aritcle Submission for Review:
    • Prepare Your Article: Double-check that your article aligns with Lawpret’s contributor guidelines.
    • Submit Your Article: Submit your original article in MS word format by clicking the link – Submit article to Lawpret.
      • Acknowledge it it original, unpublished and not AI generated.
      • Submit articles only in MS word format.
      • If facing technical difficulty in opening the link, email your articles to [email protected] with the Title in the subject line.
    • Await Feedback: The Lawpret team will review your article and email you the feedback.

Final Steps:

  • Final Review and Submission:
    • Review Your Work: Modify your article based on the feedback. Ensure your article meets all the contributor guidelines after revising.
    • Submit the Final Article: Send your finalized article to Lawpret, either by email (in track change mode) or through your account if you’re an approved contributor.
  • Final Stage: Wait for a response from the Lawpret team. Your article may be published, rejected, or returned for further modifications.

All submissions are bound by the contributor terms and conditions.
Articles not meeting the standards will be rejected, with or without notification. If you don’t hear back within 30 days of submission, feel free to publish your article elsewhere.